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We Prove Cockroaches Can't Live Forever

At ANTEX Exterminating, we prove cockroaches can’t live forever. If roaches are taking over your home or business, turn to our knowledgeable team. We offer residential and commercial cockroach extermination services. We will completely remove roaches from your space. We provide free, no-obligation cockroach control quotes. Contact our professional team at 910-822-0099 in the Fayetteville area, or 910-295-5881 in the Pinehurst area to learn how we will solve your roach problems!
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What Are the Dangers of Cockroaches?

Aside from having to live with these filthy, disturbing creatures, roaches carry high levels of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, such as Salmonella, which can easily pass to humans through foods and surfaces they touch and contaminate. Cockroach infestations produce allergens through their saliva, eggs, outer coverings, and their bodies, and can be more harmful to humans with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Roaches survive on nearly any food source, including food crumbs, glue, hair, grease, and even other dead cockroaches. A single pair of roaches will produce as many as 500 new cockroaches if not exterminated.

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