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Learn About our Ant Control in Fayetteville, NC

ANTEX Exterminating conquers ant invasions on residential and commercial properties. We possess the tools and knowledge to completely remove all species of ants, including carpenter, moisture, winged, fire, and a handful of other ants. We understand over-the-counter traps, baits, and sprays are not effective. We keep new colonies from reproducing by eliminating them at the source of queen ants. Contact ANTEX Exterminating today to discuss how we will eliminate your ant problem. Call 910-822-0099 in the Fayetteville area, or 910-295-5881 in the Pinehurst area for an accurate quote!

We Target Right at the Infestation

Ant infestations cause many problems, including damaging structures, ruining food, creating uncomfortable environments, and stinging individuals. Ant infestations come in many sizes and varieties, with each species having different behaviors and techniques to help them continue to survive on your property. At ANTEX Exterminating, we will inspect your property to determine the type of ants and size of infestations you may have. Then, we will discuss the most effective solution to treat your ant infestation.

Call to Eliminate Ants in Your Home or Office

ANTEX Exterminating eliminates ants in your home or office and will keep them away permanently! We will help you protect your home from new infestations by protecting your perimeter and identifying likely points of entrance for new ants, so you can act before the ants arrive. Call 910-822-0099 in the Fayetteville area, or 910-295-5881 in the Pinehurst area to schedule ant extermination and management services!