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Rest Easy Knowing Your Bed Bugs Are Gone

Have bed bugs invaded your home or business? ANTEX Exterminating provides high-quality consultationinspectionand pest control services to ensure you and your family are protected from further damage caused by these unwelcome guests. Our team of exterminators follows the highest standards to ensure your home is clean and comfortable, free from nerve-wracking pests that harm your living conditions. Bed bugs will take over any environment even if the area is kept clean. Contact ANTEX Exterminating today if you believe you have bed bugs inside your home or office space. Call 910-822-0099 in the Fayetteville area, or 910-295-5881 in the Pinehurst area today to schedule a bed bug consultation and inspection.

closeup of a bed bug

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals. Adult bed bugs grow up to 5-7 mm in length and are a reddish-brown color. They emit a musty scent and travel on people, suitcases, clothing, and any other portable items. A person may not feel the bite as it is happening. However, most people will notice a red bump and experience itching anywhere from a few minutes to days later. The bumps from the bite will eventually go away. More bites will occur if the infestation is not taken care of.

How Do I Detect Bed Bugs?

ANTEX Exterminating recommends being aware of these common signs to determine if bed bugs are present in your home or office. Because bed bugs constantly move and prefer dark areas, we suggest looking for dark waste spots, skin shedding, or eggs. If you believe you have bed bugs, contact ANTEX Exterminating. Call 910-822-0099 in the Fayetteville area, or 910-295-5881 in the Pinehurst area as soon as possible for a bed bug inspection.
  • Inspect bedding before sleeping, concentrating on the folds of the mattress.
  • Inspect mattress, nightstand, and headboard.
  • Once bed bugs have been detected, consideration to discard the mattress should be taken. The bed should be taken apart so treatment can be performed.
  • The carpet area should be treated with a liquid insecticide mixed with an insect growth regulator.
  • The bed frame and nightstands should also be treated.
  • Light sockets and electrical covers should be removed and dusted with insecticide dust.
  • If any bedding is to be kept, it should be treated with Steri-fab prior to being placed back on the bed.