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6 Tips to Keep Pantry Pests Out

As the name suggests, pantry pests are critters that sneak into your pantry to eat your foodstuff. Your pantry probably has many dry goods, which makes the space favorable for tiny pests. Typical pantry pests include weevils, beetles, moths, and roaches.
Whereas most bugs do not cause serious health issues, the critters can be a nuisance. The problem is even worse for categories that multiply quickly, like ants and fruit flies. So, to prevent pesky small bugs, use the guidelines below.

1. Use Shut Tight Vessels

The scent of the food you store in your pantry attracts pests. Yet, some original packages do not offer sufficient protection against pantry pests. For instance, if you keep food items in cardboard boxes and paper packets, bugs can drill holes and infest your food.
So, invest in durable plastic or glass containers. The two see-through vessels also give you a glimpse of what is in your container. You can take corrective measures when pests invade. Always seal the containers since even the tiniest gaps provide an easy way for critters.

2. Be Keen on Expiration Dates

Check your food’s expiration date before you transfer the items to other containers. Then, label the new storage vessels with the expiration date. That way, you can tell when the transferred good food goes bad. Also, do not mix old supplies with new ones due to the difference in expiration dates.
Some pantry items, especially grains, do not usually have expiration dates. For such products, a change in flavor indicates that you have had the foodstuff too long. Also, as your pantry products slowly go bad, the chances that the food will attract pests increase. So, always discard any item that is not in good condition.

3. Maintain High Hygienic Standards

Top-notch cleanliness is the most important way to keep pantry pests at bay. So, always keep your floor, bins, and shelves dirt-free. Even if the containers and other items look clean, use soapy water to wipe and eliminate tiny hidden bugs. Also, clean used containers before you store any fresh foodstuffs.
Spills from the food containers can attract flies, moths, and beetles. So, do not leave messes unattended. Instead, eliminate spices, syrups, and food crumbs that have spilled to avoid pests and get rid of any bugs that have already infested the spills.

4. Examine Groceries and Fruits

Some bugs transfer to your pantry when you buy infested groceries. Contaminated packages, too, carry and bring bugs to your space. So, before purchasing, always check for any signs of damage on fruits and vegetables.
Fruits also break down and ferment with time. The fermentation process attracts pests like fruit flies into your pantry. You can store fresh fruits in your refrigerator to prolong the fruits’ lifespan. If you must use the pantry, watch out for and remove any overripe or spoiled fruits.

5. Explore the Power of Bay Leaves and Cinnamon 

Bay leaves have a strong, bitter fragrance that repels flour beetles, mice, and ants. You can place whole bay leaves on your shelves or inside pantry cabinets. You do not have to use fresh leaves; even dry ones give you the same excellent results.
Cinnamon, too, is a good repellant, especially for ants. You can explore options such as cinnamon oil, rolls, ground cinnamon, and all the categories that work like magic. If you use the powder form, do not sprinkle on surfaces, as you may create a mess. Instead, put your sample in an open bowl somewhere in your pantry.

6. Contact a Professional Pest Controller

The guidelines above are a fantastic approach to pantry pest prevention. Nonetheless, you should call professionals to inspect and solve the root problem if you have persistent issues. So, if you have further questions or need pest riddance services, we at Antex Exterminating are always ready to help. Call today.