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Integrated Pest Management with a Historic Home

Many types of cockroaches exist, and almost all types can survive in most American homes. Cockroaches like to live in tiny cracks and crevices on door frames, window screens, floors, and walls. You may also notice cockroaches on delivery packages and used furniture. Discover the main factors that can attract cockroaches to your house.

  1. Moisture

Cockroaches like spaces with excess moisture. If any damp space exists in your home, the pests will make that place their breeding grounds. Damp spaces often exist in broken gutters, leaky pipes, damaged faucets, and below sinks. Common ways to reduce moisture in your home include ensuring proper ventilation, installing exhaust fans, and buying dehumidifiers. Although all cockroaches need water, some types of cockroaches require water even more. You will notice these “water roaches” near water drips. For example, these cockroaches will often make a home in the bathroom.

  1. Accessibility

Cockroaches are always on the lookout for water, shelter, and food and will move into spaces with these three things. When cockroaches find the perfect place, they can squeeze through the tiniest openings. For example, cockroaches can enter your home through openings in the dryer vents and cracks in exterior walls. If you don’t regularly inspect your home, these openings will keep getting bigger and attract more cockroaches.

  1. Food Sources

Even if you keep your kitchen spotless, your home may still attract cockroaches. The cockroaches will smell even the tiniest food particle. Also, the pests can feed on non-conventional food sources, such as wallpaper paste, book bindings, and cardboard. In some instances, cockroaches can feed on human hair, soap, leather, and grease. Ultimately, most cockroaches will find refuge in the kitchen. When you finish your dinner, you may pile up dirty dishes in the sink and plan to wash them the next day. Unfortunately, cockroaches will descend on the food on the dirty dishes. Some can even feast on tiny droplets left over in drinking glasses or cups.

  1. Trash and Unsealed Garbage Cans

Cockroaches are naturally attracted to open garbage bags and trash cans. While you may routinely get rid of any food in the trash bags, cockroaches can find tiny food leftovers in the trash bags. Spills and debris near the trash cans can also bring roaches to your home. A common strategy is to always seal all containers and install lids on all trash cans.

  1. Wood

Many people believe that wood only attracts termites to a home. However, decaying wood is an essential part of a cockroach’s diet. That is why cockroaches tend to target old homes constructed from lumber. If there is decaying wood in your garden, cockroaches may be drawn to your home. Cockroaches can be found in the mulch on your property and will use it as an ideal place to nest and find warmth. The situation can get worse if the mulch is made from wood that insects favor. This type of mulch can contain huge quantities of moisture and provides ample shelter to pests.

  1. Clutter

A cluttered home offers a hiding ground for pests and other animals. If your home contains too many boxes, clothes, and toys, cockroaches can more easily move in. The cluttered environment creates dark spaces, providing multiple places for cockroaches to hide. Other things that create a cluttered place include food crumbs, garbage, and dirty dishes. Pests can cause extensive damage to your home. In addition, some types of pests can be a health hazard and lead to diseases. The best approach is to hire ANTEX Exterminating to exterminate all pests in your home. Contact us for more information.