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How to Keep Mice Out

Mice and other rodents have been a problem that has plagued homeowners for centuries. The National Pest Management Association reports that at least 29% of Americans have or have had mice issues in their home, and many more have no idea. Rodents can be very hard to find. In fact, a mouse can fit through openings the size of a dime. When mice enter your home, they can bring salmonella and other disease-yielding parasites, along with ticks, fleas, and lice. They also shred your insulation and can chew on wires, possibly resulting in a fire. Keep your family healthy and safe by following these tips.
Signs you might have a mouse problem:
  • Small footprints or “runways” along the edges of the floor and wall.
  • Small droppings
  • Scratching sounds coming from inside the walls
  • Bite marks or other signs of tampering on food containers
  • Small holes in the walls
How to “rodent”-proof your home:
  • Keep your food in sealed containers. Rodents enter your home seeking food and shelter. Having food exposed will only attract pests faster.
  • Seal all openings to your home and repair any damaged screens. Reminder: a mouse can fit through a crack the size of a dime. Pay close attention to places where pipes or other utilities enter the home.
  • Regularly dispose of garbage.
  • Keep basements and attics clean and tidy. Rodents like to burrow in insulation.
If you find a mouse, it is crucial to act fast before the problem gets any larger. Mice sexually mature at six weeks old, and a female mouse can birth twelve mice every three weeks. The best thing to do is to contact a professional, as they will know the best course of action. Contact ANTEX Exterminating if you have any pest control issues. ANTEX eliminates rodents on the spot, keeping your home safe and free of any structural damage. To learn more about how ANTEX Exterminating can best serve you, take a look at our About Us or give us a call at 910-295-5881 if you are in the Moore County service area or 910-822-0099  for Cumberland County.