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Bugs of North Carolina

asian beetle

North Carolina is home to many different kinds of bugs. Insects flourish in the humid summer months. While many peacefully coexist with us, some can become a nuisance to your home. With so many different types of bugs, it is important to know which ones can be harmful to your property. No matter the pest, the professionals at ANTEX Exterminating can solve your pest problems. Here are some of the common bugs of North Carolina.


Many different ants reside in North Carolina. The one to look out for is the fire ant. These ants are red in color and extremely aggressive. They will attack if their home is disturbed and their stings are painful.


North Carolina is home to multiple kinds of cockroaches including the American cockroach, German cockroach, Smokey-brown cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. They hide in dark places in your home and can exist without you knowing they are there.

Wood Ticks

The common tick found in parks and fields in seen all over North Carolina. Ticks are easily picked up by anyone who spends time outdoors or anyone with pets. The wood tick does not spread Lyme Disease but can spread other harmful diseases. If you find a tick on yourself or a pet, it is important to seek a physician or veterinarian.

Asian Beetles

Despite being named a Ladybug, the Asian beetle is an invasive species and a pest. They can emit a foul odor and even cause allergy problems.

Box Elder Bugs

Black bugs with orange stripes that pose no threats to humans or plants. They will accumulate in masses around entries of your home when the weather gets colder.


Termites can appear anywhere. They can eat through just about anything, including concrete. If you see termites in your home, it is important to call a professional right away. The consequences of termite damage can be financially devastating if ignored.


If you see a bug in your home and have questions, do not hesitate in contacting ANTEX Exterminating. Our staff will know exactly how to handle your situation. ANTEX Exterminating prides itself on providing exemplary customer services, we take every measure to ensure you are satisfied with all your exterminating needs and will do whatever it takes to earn your business and remain lifelong clients. ANTEX Exterminating is proud to serve the North Carolina area. ANTEX Exterminating is large enough to provide professionalism and reliability, yet small enough to provide personalized service. To discover more about how we can help with your bug problem, visit our Pest Control page. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current events, tips, and specials.