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When is the Last Time You Thought About Your Crawl Space?

Because the crawl space is not an area most homeowners see regularly, repairs can often be ignored. While the space may not be visible, the problems that are lurking under your home will not go away on their own, and, left unchecked, could end up costing you thousands.
Moisture in the crawl space can be a very serious issue. It can lead to mold and mildew not only in your crawl space but throughout your home. When the moisture evaporates from the crawl space, it can invade insulation, walls, flooring, and other areas of your home, causing moisture issues throughout your dwelling. In addition, given the dark and enclosed environment of the crawlspace, it is naturally prone to mold and mildew issues if it is not properly ventilated.
While it might not seem like a problem, dry weather can be very damaging to your crawl space. Droughts can cause the ground around your home to settle creating uneven flooring issues. Additionally, winter weather can create too much moisture causing the ground to expand. This can impact your home’s foundation.
Construction issues
Until you get under your home you will have no idea how your crawl space and foundation was constructed. If the foundation is failing, it can cause the footings, joists and support beams to sag and even completely erode over time.
HVAC and your crawl space
Many people are unaware of the impact your crawl space has on your home heating and cooling. Your HVAC system relies on the air beneath your home to operate efficiently. It takes in the air from this area and circulates it throughout your entire home. If your crawl space is laden with mold and mildew, this will be blown throughout your home. In addition, your crawl space might have vents that access outside air. This could cause both your heating and cooling system to work harder to do their job.
Repairing these issues before the winter weather sets in is crucial. At Antex Exterminating, not only are we experts in getting pests out of your crawl space, we are also crawl space repair specialists. We offer our clients the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System to help reduce moisture, humidity and drafts that can wreak havoc on the crawl space and the rest of your house. Contact us at (910) 295-5881 to learn more about our crawl space repair services.