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Seven Ways to Avoid a Rodent Infestation

Winter temperatures can cause unwanted pests to seek refuge in your home. Rodents, such as mice and rats, are masters at finding ways into small, warm spaces in search of a new home and some food. Here are 7 ways to help avoid an onslaught of unwanted guests.

1. Exterior inspections – Check your home’s exterior for small cracks, holes, and gaps that can be an entry point for a rodent. Pay close attention to the lower foundation areas. Seal up any gaps using an exterior grade caulk. Steel wool is another excellent way to seal up holes because mice are unable to chew through it. Seal the edges of the steel wool with caulk.
2. Remove hiding spots – Rodents look for a safe place to bed down around your home. Foliage and bushes close to your home’s foundation make an excellent hideout. Trim bushes and shrubs to create a gap of two to three feet from the foundation.

3. Use mesh – Porches and decks also offer excellent hiding spots for rats and mice. Cover the openings of these areas with a fine steel mesh. Mice can fit through an opening the size of a dime so it is important to choose a mesh with very small openings.

4. Remove outside food sources – Leftovers in your garden are a welcome invitation for a mouse or rat buffet. Bird feeders and even herb gardens can also be a smorgasbord when pickings are slim.

5. Clean up inside – Make the inside of your home a rodent-free zone. Wipe down counters, keep floors clean and store food off the ground in airtight containers. If you have a pet, do not leave food out overnight. Additionally, remove any clutter that might make an excellent “mouse house.”
6. Move firewood away from home – Firewood piles make a great place for a mouse to raise a family. If it is stored next to your home, the next logical step is for them to relocate into your home.

7. Install door sweeps – Exterior doors offer easy access to your home. Gaps in the floor create a quick entry point for vermin to come into your home. Plastic, rubber or brush style door sweeps will cover the gap and remove their admittance.

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