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Keep Outdoor Wildlife Outside This Season

While you may have a love for the outdoors with hobbies like hiking, biking, or even camping, we can all safely admit that some elements of nature are best kept outside. Yes, while some of Mother Nature’s finest works look lovely inside, such as flowers or autumn leaves, other aspects of the outdoors have no place in a home. Can you imagine if a squirrel somehow came in an open window or an open patio door? What if a bat is lurking unknown in your attic?
It’s an intimidating thought, no question, but it’s something that must be considered, especially at this time of year. That’s because as the weather outside turns cooler, wildlife will try to nest and take shelter indoors.
Here are some helpful tips for you to keep in mind to keep outdoor creatures outside where they belong.
Double Check The Screens
It’s essential to screen attic vents and openings to chimneys all year, but especially as we enter into fall. Securely closing other house openings, such as mail slots and animal doors, is another crucial way to prevent outdoor life from coming inside during the colder months.
Make Sure Your Home is Properly Ventilated 
Because outdoor pests seek moisture to survive in the colder months, you must keep your basement, attic, and home’s crawl spaces well ventilated and dry at all times. If you don’t already have a reliable home dehumidifier, we recommend you invest in one and use it as soon as possible.
Keep an Eye out for Cracks
Some rodents can unfortunately fit through a hole the size of a dime. Isn’t that a scary thought? To combat this, seal cracks and crevices on the outside of your house using steel wool and caulk. This is especially important around the areas where utility pipes meet the structure of your house.
Properly Store and Remove Food in Your Home
Even the smallest crumb can attract a stray insect or rodent. Make sure that after every meal, your kitchen and dining space is properly cleaned and that the food is put away securely in its proper place.

While a squirrel frolicking on the grass may be a quaint sight in an outdoor setting, it is certainly not a picture you want to see in your home this fall and winter. Trust your friends and experts at ANTEX Exterminating to keep outside wildlife outside. Request a free estimate for rodent control and prevention by calling (910) 822-0099 for Fayetteville or our Pinehurst location at (910) 295-5881.