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Five Unwanted Fall Pests in North Carolina

The end of the summer signals the onset of cooler temperatures and beautiful fall foliage here in North Carolina. What appears to be ideal conditions after a long hot summer can usher in a host of critters and creepy crawlies looking for a new home for the winter. Here are five pests that often start to make their appearance during the fall.
1. Rodents –Rats and mice are frequent fall visitors. Often, where you see one furry pest, there are many more not far away. Known for spreading infectious diseases and fleas and ticks, these are visitors you do not want setting up a nest in your home.
2. Ants – Carpenter ants are common during the cooler months and can cause big problems for your home’s structural integrity. The nests and tunneling system ants build within the walls of your home can literally cause wood to deteriorate.

3. Bedbugs – While bedbugs might seem to be a year-round problem, they tend to peak in the fall as people return from summer travels. Add to this kids moving away to college and students in closer proximity during school and sporting activities and you can easily share and spread these little pests. Because bedbugs spread so quickly, they can be very difficult to control. If you suspect you have this unwanted house guest, hiring a pest control professional is highly recommended.

4. Cockroaches –These hearty pests have been around for millions of years and have adapted to living in even the harshest conditions making them very difficult to eradicate. There are around 4,000 species of roaches, with approximately 70 residing right here in the US. They are known to spread over 30 types of bacteria and can cause serious health conditions. Roaches are most prolific in warm and wet environments near a steady food source.
5. Outdoor pests – Insects such as box elder bugs, spiders, stink bugs, crickets and millipedes are generally fine if they remain outside. However, as the weather gets cooler, they tend to seek warmer environments such as your home.
Indoor pests can be a difficult problem for homeowners as the seasons change. Sharing your space with these unwanted critters is typically not the way you want to spend the winter. If you have unwanted furry or crawling guests in your home, contact the professionals at Antex Exterminating for a quick resolution to your problem.