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Mosquito Season!

It’s nearly that time again. The dreaded mosquito season that comes along with the sweet smell of summertime. Unfortunately, North Carolina is not exempt from these annoying little bloodsuckers. However, the more you know about them, the easier they are to control. One of the main mosquito species in NC is the Asian Tiger Mosquito, recognized by its tiger-like stripes. 
The good news for you is that they are also the easiest species to control. These mosquitoes need to lay their eggs in water, and they specifically like to lay eggs inside containers that hold water. These containers could be natural or man-made, things like tires, clogged gutters, trees or rocks. The good thing about the Tiger Mosquito is that they don’t travel far from their breeding place – so if you take some preventative measures to stop breeding, you will most likely be able to decrease the number of mosquitos you see this summer.

So, what can you do to prevent breeding?

  • Recycle or throw away trash and unwanted items
  • Prevent items from filling with water by covering them, turning them upside down, storing indoors, etc.
  • Clean leaf-clogged gutters so they can’t hold water
  • Check rain gutters, downspouts and underground drains to make sure they are angled correctly and do not hold water
  • Change water weekly in outdoor containers like pet bowls, flower pot dishes or bird baths so that mosquito larvae won’t have time to become adults
  • Be sure that rain barrels have a cover that will prevent mosquitoes from entering and breeding
If you need some more help with mosquitos, you can call ANTEX at our Pinehurst (910) 295-5881 or Fayetteville (910) 822-0099 location, and we can help with all of your summer pest needs!