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How To Combat Mosquito Season in Pinehurst, North Carolina
Summer is just around the corner, and while this is a beautiful time of year, this is also the peak season when mosquitoes are wreaking havoc on outdoor fun. For residents of North Carolina, mosquitoes are already out in full force and are only getting worse as the temperatures increase. In order to avoid annoying buzzing and itchy red bites during the next few months, follow our tips for everything you need to know about these pests!

Dangers of Mosquitoes:
Mosquitoes have been called the most dangerous creature on earth. Why? Because they have the ability to carry viruses that are deadly when spread to humans. Just some of the major human diseases they are known to carry include yellow fever, malaria and West Nile. The best prevention for avoiding mosquito bites is to keep mosquitoes outside of the home and use repellents whenever outside.

Keeping Your Family Safe:
How can you and your family avoid mosquitoes when the weather is warm and outdoor activities are plentiful? Know that mosquitoes are active between dusk and dawn when the air is calm. If you do have activities early or late during the day, make your outdoor area a mosquito-free zone. Set out Geraniol or Citronella candles to repel mosquitoes, spray natural repellents that are animal friendly, and keep away from water sources like pools or ponds.

While repellents can also be effective in deterring mosquitoes from biting, it is also a good idea to minimize skin surface by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

Call the Professionals:
Professional home pest control companies have the knowledge, experience and tools to rid your home of unwanted pests. Serving Pinehurst and the surrounding North Carolina area, ANTEX Exterminating can provide safe, effective, and responsible long-term solutions for eliminating pests like mosquitoes in your home or outdoor area. We use products that are honeybee safe and pet friendly for your surrounding wildlife.
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